What solutions for your events ?

A stage, a private party, a presentation ...

Original and Immersive
Create a buzz on Social Networks
An experience that brings visibility
Satisfy your Visitors and Guests

You are looking to impress your audience or to make an event worthy of the name. In a fast-paced world, the attention span of your audience is precious and their eyes are much more selective than ever before. We offer attention-grabbing solutions with the ability to display what has never been seen before.

For a Small to Medium sized event

The space for your event offers many possibilities. Depending on your expectations, many solutions are possible. Discover our advice.

Standard Solution

The HV MINI 30 is a very good solution, similar in size to the HV COMPACT 30 but even more immersive. It does not have a stand and can be mounted on a wall or placed directly on its cover in the case of the hexagonal cover.

Large Format Solution

The HV EVENT 65 offers you exceptional quality, secure connectivity and above all the possibility of broadcasting a 65cm diameter hologram. To ensure the safety of your guests, we offer accessories and protections adapted to your needs.

Expert advice

If you want to start and bring a touch of originality to your event, the HV POP 50 is the best choice. If you want an impressive visual effect, to gain visibility and be as attractive as possible, the HV EVENT 65 is without doubt the best solution.


Holographic wall on stage

For a Large Event

A large event requires high visibility. You wish to make this occasion unique and that each person remembers your performance. In this case, our holographic solutions will offer you various advantages according to your needs.

Need to Communicate ?

In this case the HV POP 50 is the most suitable. High quality performance, optimal size for all spaces and a hologram visible from a distance thanks to a 50cm diameter diffusion. Add positioning accessories or protection to have a complete solution that perfectly meets your communication needs.

Need Visibility ?

The HV EVENT 65 and HV SHOW 78 offer a more breathtaking rendering. A larger size than the previous one, but with an exceptional holographic effect. A 65 and 78cm size, wireless connectivity, high brightness, smooth image and High Definition. It’s a wise choice if you don’t want to choose between performance, originality and attractiveness.

Need to make a mark ?

The HV EVENT 65 HDMI. This is the new version of the successful HV EVENT 65, to which we add an HDMI port. You bring new opportunities to your communication. Virtual reality is available to you with live video calls or contactless hologram control.

The Holographic Wall, without a doubt the most extraordinary hologram we have to offer. Several synchronized propellers but only one hologram in XXL size. You bring, in addition to an attractive and immersive effect, a cinematographic effect more real than life which will propel your project. The HV EVENT 65 and HV SHOW 78 are the propellers for your holographic wall.

Expert advice

Depending on your objective, we will provide you with a suitable solution. The size of the propeller has a particular impact on the image you wish to convey. The larger the helix you choose, the higher your visibility will be and the more people will remember your image. Every project and every need has its own holographic solution.