What solutions for your shop ?

Catch the eye of passers-by with your sign!

Increase your Visibility
Boost your sales
Viral Effect on Social Networks
Modern and original communication

Discover holographic advertising in your shop or in your window. It is the latest innovation in communication to innovate against the classic communication of your competitors. In a world where everything happens quickly, the attention span of each of your prospects is precious, and their eyes are also much more selective than before. We offer you a simple solution to capture this attention with a tailor-made hologram

Solutions for all shop sizes

Your sales area represents your company. The use of one or more holographic helixes, offers your shop a much higher visibility to increase your sales. Depending on your expectations, we have the right solution.

Standard Solution

The HV MINI 30 is a very good solution, similar in size to the HV COMPACT 30 but with a higher holographic immersion. It can be mounted on a wall or placed directly on its hexagonal cover.

Large Format Solution

The HV POP 50 X will give you an even more breathtaking effect. An intermediate size that can be easily set up in your shop with a tripod or by fixing it on a wall. Exceptional quality, secure connectivity and above all the possibility of broadcasting a 50cm diameter hologram. You will catch the eye of all visitors in no time and make a lasting impression. And to ensure that your visitors are always safe, you have the right accessories and protections in different shapes according to your needs. If you want to go even bigger, you can opt for an HV EVENT 65.

Expert advice

If you want to start with a very reasonable budget and put your products and services closer to the visitors in a small shop, the HV MINI 30 will be the best choice. If you want to gain visibility and be as attractive as possible, the HV POP 50 will be ideal. The combination of the two will give you a complete and effective solution from all angles. If you have a larger space, the HV EVENT 65 will give you much greater immersion.