Holographic Propellers Rental

Now is the time to discover the full potential of holograms for your business communication. Be a pioneer and put your company at the forefront.


In order to discover this new technology and limit your investment for occasional events, Holovisio offers you the opportunity to rent professional equipment at the best price and when you want.


The best way to become familiar with this technology for a minimal investment.

Renting, to simply enjoy it

A tailor-made service !

Take advantage of our flexible propeller rental, pay only for the days you use the equipment, take advantage of our priority 3D creation service and even the installation on site by our teams. A turnkey solution that guarantees a perfect event from start to finish.

Avantage de location

For all projects

With Holovisio rental, you don’t necessarily have to invest more money than necessary. Whatever your budget or the size of your event, our numerous holographic propellers will be able to meet your expectations perfectly. Let your imagination run wild.

With a holographic animation that looks like you

For an ultra-realistic rendering and an optimal quality, we realize for you a special animation perfectly adapted to your material and according to your wishes. Everything is possible and our advisors are there to help you study your project.


Together, let’s optimize the power of your propeller to bluff your future customers.

Mise en situation Generation primeur
generation primeur hologramme HV COMPACT 30
Generation primeur

Rental service provided to our customer Génération Primeur with 2 HV COMPACT 30 !

The 5 main advantages of renting

  1.  No major investment in the product
  2.  Immediate availability of the propeller
  3.  Want to test this new technology during a few days at a trade show.
  4.  A way to significantly increase your visibility during your event.
  5.  Decreasing prices according to the duration of your rental.

The right product for your project

Thanks to our wide range of holographic material, you can choose the propeller that best suits your needs. We have many holographic solutions from 39,90€ per day. A technology accessible to all and for all projects.

Our services for a Premium experience


With each rental, you are eligible for our Premium Services


Fast and Free Quote

National and International Express Delivery

Custom Installation (Delivery + Installation + Express Support + Uninstallation)

Priority 3D Creations

Free Plug & Play Service

7/7 Technical Support

Complete management of the process by our teams from start to finish


Because each project requires a great deal of organisation, our various services are there to simplify your life.


We want you to have a memorable and enjoyable experience!

Prepare your next event now !

Holovisio contribue à protéger l'environnement

Holovisio is eco-responsible and is committed to protecting the environment by dematerialising all documents. We also invest in a “Carbon Neutral” carrier to reduce CO2 emissions when sending our products.