The new dimension of your communication

Holovisio. Leader in 3D holographic propeller

Need to increase your visibility, increase your sales, offer an original customer experience or reduce your investment in communication.


All this is now possible with a single solution: the holographic propeller.

On average, our customers find

+ 0 %
of sales on their products
x 0
attention on their activity
- 0 %
of advertising costs

A marketing revolution

Hologramme unique

Original & Unique

State-of-the-art technology that will boost your communication and the attractiveness of your brand

Visuel et communication attractive

Attractive & Immersive

A customised and animated visual that will remain in the memory of your customers and prospects

Conception et visuel en 3D

Ultra-realistic 3D

Smooth, 3D, bottomless animation! Impressive and more real than life

For each of your applications

We provide a complete service that perfectly meets your needs, from small private parties to the largest international trade shows.


We work together on your company’s most innovative communication project.

A tailor-made solution

with a personalised premium service


They had no prerequisites and no experience with holographic propellers before they started the adventure.


Today, they book our holographic helices at the same time as they prepare their events.

A unique animation of your desires to highlight all that you wish

Transfert des visuels

Transfer with the propeller

We commission the display in the propeller for a turnkey solution

Livraison rapide

Quick services

Once the request is made, the propeller and visuals are produced in record time

Our service is at your disposal if you have any questions. Don’t worry!

Holovisio contribue à protéger l'environnement

Holovisio is eco-responsible and is committed to protecting the environment by dematerialising all documents. We also invest in a “Carbon Neutral” carrier to reduce CO2 emissions when sending our products.

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