A Hologram that brings your NFTs to life

Enjoy your digital works in reality

From an NFT to a 3D Hologram : mixed reality

Digital art and more specifically NFTs have become a trend and offer everyone the possibility to get a unique work and exclusive benefits in the metaverse. Perhaps you are an NFT owner yourself.


Haven’t you already had the remarks about the unreal digital side of your NFT?


Thanks to our hologram technology, you can enjoy your NFT as digital art, but as a visible and animated 3D hologram.

Exceptional rendering before your eyes

Power your NFT in 3D with the HV EVENT 65 and HV MINI 30

Our teams adapt your NFT to the hologram in order to have an exceptional diffusion with a striking realism.

– 3D modelling of your NFT

– Motion Design and Animation

– Addition of graphic elements: effects, frames, accessories, etc…


Already have your own content? You can integrate it directly with the included software. 


Enjoy your NFT as a hologram on any occasion, at a trade fair, in your living room, at an event… Your digital work of art becomes reality!

Stand Holovisio lors du Metaverse Summit

To enjoy your NFT anywhere!

Promote your NFT in large format

Do you need advice ?

Our teams remain available to assist you in the choice of your hologram and in the creation of your content. Contact us directly on our contact page or by email at contact@holovisio.fr