Hélice Holographique pour des conférences et directs

What solutions for your conferences ?

Even from a distance, do it with originality

Original Conferences
Higher attention span
Internal or international projects
A multitude of possibilities

The international dimension of an activity requires sharing events at a distance or participating in collective meetings. Video calls are used daily due to the recent health crisis. You can bring an original and totally new experience to your employees and customers with your live hologram!

Classic Video Call to Large International Conference

Are you planning to call your employees, take part in a meeting, do a live broadcast in all your sites or even hold a large international meeting ?

A unique, comprehensive and impressive selection

The HV EVENT 65 HDMI is specially designed for this purpose. It can be easily connected to your PC thanks to its HDMI port, which can itself be coupled with many other accessories. This brings originality to your speech. The HV EVENT 65 HDMI is, of course, compatible with wireless broadcasting of your own animations.

Expert advice

The HV EVENT 65 HDMI takes the main features of the HV EVENT 65 and adds a new HDMI port. A high-end propeller that gives you more possibilities for your projects, from conferencing to virtual reality, to creating holographic walls or a standard hologram.