Hélice Holographique pour des salons professionnels

What solutions for your tradeshow ?

You have a salon, we have the solution !

Huge visibility to Visitors
Increase of Clients on the Stand
Viral Effect on Social Networks
Increase in new customer leads

You have already prepared your next trade fair or are planning to attend. Your main objective is to meet the many visitors and record as many exchanges with future buyers as possible. Your participation in the exhibition gives you the opportunity to showcase your products and services. This is a real chance for your business. Your stand will be your commercial showcase. Each element has a direct influence on its attractiveness. Without originality, you will compromise your chances of bringing the expected visibility.

We will therefore offer you a state-of-the-art marketing solution that will bring you more visits, more leads and reduce your communication investment.

Are you participating in a moderate-sized trade fair or have a small stand ?

Your stand will be the space that represents your company. The holographic helix will increase the visibility of your stand.

For moderate trade fairs or small stands, we offer you suitable solutions.

Local solution

The HV COMPACT 30 and HV COMPACT 30 CONNECT holographic propellers are perfectly suited to be close to visitors. They are battery-operated, fully protected and therefore easy to move around and safe to use.

The HV MINI 30, with identical dimensions, will bring you a more advanced holographic immersion. You can add a transparent protection according to your needs.

Attractiveness solution

The HV POP 50, of intermediate size, will offer you an even more exceptional rendering with its 50cm diameter hologram. You will make a lasting impression on many visitors thanks to your high visibility. Accessories and protections ensure the safety of visitors.

Expert advice

If you want to be mobile, autonomous and promote your products and services, the HV COMPACT 30 & HV COMPACT 30 CONNECT are the best choice. For a more immersive visual experience, the HV MINI 30 is a very good alternative. Finally, if you want to gain visibility and be as attractive as possible during your exhibition, choose the HV POP 50. The combination of several propellers will give you a complete and efficient solution from all angles.

Are you participating in a larger trade fair or have a large stand ?

You are a company with a national or even international dimension and high stakes. You have to face up to ever-increasing competition. Your company must convey an innovative, modern and futuristic image. So communicate in the most original way possible. Here are our tips for a trade fair that will make a lasting impression.

Informative Solution

Do you want to get a message across, highlight a product, a service or simply a technical feature? Then this is the ideal holographic solution.

The HV MINI 30 will be an excellent propeller to promote a product range. You can place this holographic propeller on your display tables to create a hologram in front of the products shown. The addition of several HV MINI 30s will increase the interest of your products tenfold.

Captivating Solution

You want to attract the full attention of your visitors to your products. Turn your stand wall into a real holographic screen.

The HV EVENT 65 or the HV SHOW 78 are two top-of-the-range models that provide exceptional communication. They offer the highest definition on the market in this size with wireless connectivity and synchronization to an audio device. Up to 100 helixes can be combined to provide an unprecedentedly immersive experience. Your simple wall becomes a real attraction.

Interactive Solution

Offer your visitors the possibility to learn more about your products without any contact. After the health crisis and the new public health regulations, you will innovate and offer your customers an original experience.

The brand new HV EVENT 65 HDMI has all the features of the HV EVENT 65. However, you can stream all your content live from your PC with a simple HDMI connection. Combine virtual reality with holographic broadcasting for a unique experience. Bring your products to life with the movements of your hands. Your customers will be able to admire your products and discover them virtually as a hologram, without any contact. To find out more, contact a consultant.

Informative Solution

Here you have no constraints, it all depends on the layout and the places of communication. A large hologram will be visible from a distance. A smaller one will be perfect if you decide to put it closer to your visitors. A well-defined strategy is essential to exploit the full potential of the hologram over a few days.

Expert advice

Depending on your objectives, different products are available. Combine these solutions to reach the largest possible audience. The HV MINI 30 has a real advantage in being multiplied on your stand to highlight your products. The HV EVENT 65 and HV SHOW 78 offer complete solutions for multiple uses such as the holographic wall with its exceptional rendering. Finally, to further enhance the futuristic side of things and as a health precaution, the HV EVENT 65 HDMI will allow you to broadcast holograms and animate them virtually without contact.