Hiring of Holographic Propellers

Now is the time to discover the full potential of holograms for your business communication. Be a pioneer and put your company at the forefront.


In order to discover this new technology and limit your investment for occasional events, Holovisio offers you the opportunity to rent professional equipment at the best price and when you want.


The best way to get to know this technology for a minimal investment.

A holographic rental service that fits you

Une Installation sur mesure sur place

Custom installation

Stockage grande capacité

Priority Animations

Solution Plug and Play

Plug & Play service

Unbeatable prices

24h delivery in Europe*.

Faible Consommation Energétique

Carbon Neutral

Un Service Client disponible 7 jours sur 7

7/7 support

Unbeatable prices and professional quality

5 reasons to choose rental

  1.  No major investment in the product.
  2.  Immediate availability of the propeller.
  3.  Want to test this new technology during a few days at a trade show.
  4.  A way to increase your visibility during your event.
  5.  An occasional need that is quickly paid for.

The right product for your project

Thanks to our wide range of holographic material, you can choose the propeller that best suits your needs. We have many holographic solutions from 89,90€ per day. A technology accessible to all and for all projects.

Prepare your next event now !

Holovisio contribue à protéger l'environnement

Holovisio is eco-responsible and is committed to protecting the environment by dematerialising all documents. We also invest in a « Carbon Neutral » carrier to reduce CO2 emissions when sending our products.