Give a new dimension to your communication

A turnkey hologram for professionals

Find the right all-in-one hologram for your business

We are specialists in the most complete technology on the hologram market: the holographic fan.

Take advantage of an ultra-realistic hologram with minimal space requirements.

Bring a modern and innovative image of your company immediately and innovate against the competition.


We offer you a complete turnkey service, from the choice of material, to the realization of your animation and up to the delivery and integration on site.

Multiple solutions for all projects !

Targeted and transportable communication

Bring your creations to life in XXL format

State of the art technology with exceptional rendering

No size limit for your animation !

An interactive catalogue controlled with your hands

On average, our customers find ...

+ 0 %
interest in the targeted products
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of attractiveness on their activity
- 0 %
of advertising costs

They are already enjoying it! Why not you?

The revolution in advertising marketing

Hologramme unique

Original & Unique

Cutting-edge technology that will power your communication

Visuel et communication attractive

Attractive & Immersive

A customised and animated visual that will remain in the memory of your customers

Conception et visuel en 3D

Ultra-realistic 3D

Fluid, 3D-effect, bottomless animation for guaranteed immersion

A solution for your needs

We provide a complete service from the study of the project to the installation of the hologram. Everything is adapted to your needs, from small private parties to the largest international trade shows.

We work together on your company’s most innovative communication project.

Need more information?

Although the technology may seem a little complex at first glance, it is very simple to use. We have software optimised for ease of use as well as video tutorials. From the start, you are fully capable of using your hologram independently. Our teams are always at your side to help you if you need it.

When you want to set up or transmit files to the holographic helix, you need to connect to the hardware via a private Wi-Fi network broadcast by the helix. This will allow you to do your management. Afterwards, the propeller will keep all the settings and contents in memory. You will not need to connect again.

Our teams are able to create your custom 3D animations. These files will be yours and can be used for other occasions. But it is also possible for you to integrate your own content on the hologram and enjoy it as you wish.

We have made calculations to study the power consumption of a propeller to its equivalent in a screen. In addition to being much more attractive and dynamic, the holographic propeller consumes less energy than a screen. On each product sheet you can see the consumption in kWh/year of each of our holograms. In addition to our attractive prices and low consumption, our equipment has all spare parts. If necessary, we only change the part in question.

Our team is based in the Paris region of France. Our teams will be able to inform you about all the possibilities for the realization of your projects as well as technically to meet your needs perfectly. We follow up with our clients and make sure that the experience remains exceptional. You can reach us by phone at +33 1 60 92 41 65 or by email at

Holovisio contribue à protéger l'environnement

Holovisio is eco-responsible and is committed to protecting the environment by dematerialising all documents. We also invest in a « Carbon Neutral » carrier to reduce CO2 emissions when sending our products.